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Pick up RN shifts at nearby hospitals without an agency in the middle.

A Better Way to Nurse

Caring for patients is your calling.
Caring for you is ours.

Our goal is to flip the traditional nursing agency model on it’s head by re-imagining every step.


Typical Agency


Request shifts via a simple app


Phone tag with an agent.


Know exactly which hospital you'll be working at


Try to bait and switch.


Low, fair commission rate


Prepare to negotiate.


Simple, flat pay scale


Confusing pay packages.


Beautiful profile highlighting your experience


Work on your resume.

How It Works

Our simple app for iOS & Android guides you through every step.

Get Verified.

Download our app. Create a profile. A Cerebro Ambassador is always available to help!

Find Available Shifts

Search by date, time and hospital. Create alerts so you never miss a new opportunity.

Request a Shift

See a shift you want? Request it! Then show up, work the shift and get paid directly from us.

Have questions? Read our FAQ for answers.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

  • "I wasn't getting the right shifts I wanted at my hospital. I use Cerebro to fill up my week with shifts at other nearby hospitals that fit my schedule and to help earn a better living as a nurse."

    Sheila Delgado

    ICU Nurse

  • "I like when Cerebro alerts me when new shifts come up. It's easy to request the ones I want and I find out quickly if I'm selected."

    Tara Hunter

    ED Nurse

  • "Getting up to speed on Cerebro was easy and I like the control over my schedule that this gave me. Any RN in Los Angeles that's interested in more shifts should give it a shot!"

    Diane Chiu

    L&D Nurse